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4 Steps You Need to Take After Being Injured at Work

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If there ever comes a time when you are injured at work, it is important to know the steps you must take in order to protect your rights. 

Here are four steps you need to take if injured at work:

The first step

Report the Ontario personal injury attorney as soon as it happens. Immediately report to your supervisor and tell him or her when, where, why, and how the injury happened. Your employer is responsible for completing the WSIB forms necessary to initiate your claim for benefits. 

*If you are seriously hurt at work or unconscious, you will proceed to the second step first for medical attention, and then report the particulars of the accident to your employer when you are able*

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The second step

Get medical attention and possible treatment if your injury prevents you from returning to work. Your employer should provide and/or pay for transportation for medical attention if you are unable to drive. 

The third step

Document your accident and injuries. Your doctor is responsible for providing a report to WSIB. You must provide any and all details of how your accident occurred and any symptoms you are experiencing. 

This type of information may include:

• Pictures of injuries;

• Pictures and/or description of the workplace hazard or site of accident;

• Medical records; and

• Witness statements, if applicable. 

A person getting injured
The fourth step

Co-operate with your doctors, your employer and the WSIB. 

• Co-operate with your doctors by following their orders and not returning to work before you are given clearance to do so. 

• Co-operate with your employer by staying in contact with your employer about your expected return-to-work date and how your injury is progressing. 

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